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Walker & Hall Silversmiths 1845 – 1963

One of the most mainstream collectable antique silver manufacturers that collectors race to buy is the company Walker & Hall. Established in 1845 by George Walker and joined by Henry Hall in 1853. Silver items made by Walker & Hall between 1853 and 1930s are the most collectable. This is when the company built a worldwide reputation for producing exquisitely designed silver objects d art, silverware and jewellery.

Walker & Hall we’re mainly a silverware producer (candlesticks, candelabras, baskets, bowls, napkin rings trays, jugs, toast racks and more) however they also produced everything from inkwells, drink flask, paperweights, jewellery caskets and everyday use items. They became famous for the quality, craftsmanship and superb silver designs.

Official Names & Dates:

Walker & Co, 1845-1848

Walker, Coulson & Hall, 1848-1853

Walker & Hall 1853-1920

Walker & Hall Ltd, 1920-1963

Company Locations

Due to their success, Walker & Hall expanded and opened many branches in the UK and all over the world the main ones being:

UK branches: Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, Belfast, Hull, Bristol

Overseas: Melbourne and Adelaide in Australia. Cape Town, South Africa

Example Of Walker & Hall Item Prices

  • Ornate pair of Sheffield silver candelabras for = Approx £10,000
  • 5 Piece silver tea set consisting of a silver teapot, coffee pot, water pot, sugar pot, and cream jug = Approx £4000
  • George V pair of silver candlesticks = Approx £1800
  • Edwardian Walker & Hall toast rack = Approx £1200.00
  • Silver Cruet set (7 pieces) = Approx £500.00

How To Value Walker & Hall Silver

When searching out silver items made by Walker & Hall you need to know a few key aspects of what to look for such as: 

  • Condition
    The condition of the item WILL affect the price even if it’s made by Walker & Hall. Condition aspects to look for are: dents, nicks and gouges, bends, pitting and corrosion, wear, scratches and abrasions, repairs and finally tarnish. All of these will impact the value of the piece in question so be careful to inspect the condition carefully.
  • Style & Weight
    Both the style and weight of the item will also impact on the value of the piece. If it’s heavy (i.e. solid silver and not weight filled with just an out silver shell) then the piece will have more value as silver is a precious metal. Make sure the item you are looking at is solid silver and not weight-filled with brass or metal to make it heavier. The style of the object is a major factor in value as well. An antique Walker & Hall silver candelabra is more collectable than for instance an ashtray or tankard (on a weight-for-weight – date-for-date basis). Some items are more sought after due to their use, rarity and beauty.

Walker & Hall Silversmith Hallmarks & Dates

When scrutinising the hallmarks of the silver object you have found look for the flag with the initials W&H inside. It will look like a pole flag. This symbol in the hallmark usually pertains to the early Walker & Hall silver made between 1865 and 1920.

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