Antique Blue & White

Rare, Collectable & Antique Blue & White Pottery For Sale

Dating back to the 14th-century in China blue-and-white pottery has been a stable and highly collectable ceramic combination. Fine porcelain whether blue and white dishes, blue and white vases or ornamental blue and white porcelain wares became very popular roughly around the mid 18th century in Britain and this combination of porcelain and blue colour remains a firm favourite with Chinese collectors. With a history dating back to the Tang dynasty (618 – 906) in China this cobalt blue pigment was originally added by hand and the use of a fine brush on top of the white ceramic hence the term ‘blue and white’. Antiques a large selection of all types of blue and white wares both Oriental and European to choose from, supplied by leading and reputable UK antique dealers as well as private collectors.

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