Antique Meissen

Collectable, Rare & Antique Meissen Porcelain For Sale

Whenever you see a Meissen porcelain piece marked with crossed blue swords you will be looking at a quality porcelain object. Meissen, the true porcelain producer of Europe, produced some of the finest porcelain objects from its Meissen factory, near Dresden in the early-18th-century. It is one of the most sought-after antique porcelain by collectors because of its fine quality, intricate and expert craftmanship. Produced by order of Augustus The Strong in 1708 to circumvent the dependence on Chinese porcelain Meissen Established itself as Europes leading fine porcelain manufacturer. Antiques has a selection of fine quality Meissen porcelain supplied by leading and reputable antique dealers as well as private collectors in the UK for you to browse through and buy.

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