Antique Majolica

Collectable, Rare & Antique Majolica Earthenware For Sale

Majolica became a popular style in the mid-14th-century and this brightly colored, low-fired earthenware is now highly collectable, especially the more intricately designed Majolica pieces. If it’s Majolica Vases, planters, tableware, tea sets, jugs or other decorative Majolica objects you are looking for then check out our listings below. This type of ceramic ware is very popular with collectors, it first appeared in the Italian Renaissance (14th-century)  and was a form of tin-glaze ceramic dressing It was adopted and expanded upon by Léon Arnouxthe at the Minton factory in the 19th century, and these pieces are aptly named ‘Minton Majolica’. Antiques has a wide selection of this antique majolica earthenware to choose from supplied by leading and reputable UK antique dealers as well as private collectors.

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