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Neoclassical Antiques Buying Guide

18th century Europe experienced the so-called Age of Revivals. Styles that shaped the world centuries ago made a comeback. They retained their core features yet developed new ones, which made them catnip for contemporaries. One of the most influential of these revived styles was neoclassicism. Archaeological finds in Italy and Greece stirred interest in Ancient Roman and Greek cultures, and soon their distinctive features entrenched in architecture, interior designs, and works of art. 

The Neoclassical style started its march across Europe at the very beginning of the 18th century, and France was its jumping-off point. French Neoclassicism is also known as the Louis XVI or Louis Seize style. Neoclassical pieces made in Germany and Austria are known as Zopftil, which later evolved into the Biedermeier style. 

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