Pair Of 19th Century Bronze Statues Mercury & Fortuna


Antique bronze statues of mercury & Fortune on marble plinths for sale…

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For sale are this pair of 19th-century bronzes after Jean de Bologne and Fulconis, one statue of Mercury and one statue of Fortuna. Both statues come as a pair and have matching bronze stepped socles (with signatures) on marble bases.

About Mercury and Fortuna

Mercury and Fortuna are both Roman gods. Mercury is fabled to be the Roman god of commerce and communication, and Fortuna is fabled to be the Roman god of fortune and luck. 

Bronze Statue Description

Mercury is after Giambologna’s 16th Century almost life-size original, while Fortuna is after Louis Guillaume Fulconis, a leading French sculptor of the 19th Century who based his Fortuna on Giambologna’s composition of Mercury.

Mercury Bronze Statue

Mercury stands atop Boreas, the god of the north wind, his winged right leg thrown aloft behind him. He holds his caduceus and wears his winged helmet. His posture is taut and his musculature clearly visible. And he holds the staff in one hand.

Fortuna bronze Statue

Fortuna, who stands upon the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is in a similar pose to that of Mercury but with a softer flow t characterize her femininity. 

Bronze Statue Sizes:
28.5m H (each)

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